Paulo Romao
Guitar Idol 8 - Zorba - Tuparuru (Part
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This song is a one piece, from a bigger piece, that will be on my CD in the next few months. I have been asking myself, why am I composing, what am I doing it for? Is there a reason? Should it be? So between my mind failure and madness I started to understand what I was looking for, so in this song, I have composed as the melody, as the fade and the light on the video, that I cuted at a specific moment. I tried to make everything make sense, but before that, I want you to have a experience and fell something when watching and listening. By the way, that`s the second time I participate, last year I`ve been into the 100 ones, I`ll be happy as hell if I win, but my true happiness is to know that I am not composing for win a competition, I am composing to make people fell things, in many possible ways.